This web site is dedicated to the exploits of a storm chaser. The one who follows a developing updraft taking notes on the direction of the flow. The chaser who seeks the heart of a mesocyclone, anticipating the rear flank downdraft (RFD), discriminating whether the winds are warm enough to induce the birth of a funnel cloud or too cold thereby smothering it. The chaser, who works in tandem with the Doppler and DeLorme to find a needle in a haystack: the elusive tornado


Storm sighting severe weather on the American Landscape

Favorite Regions to Chase

  1. -The tri-state area

  2. -The Nebraska and South Dakota border from Red Willow to Hastings

  3. -The Texas panhandle

  4. -The Oklahoma Panhandle

Current status

Gallery New World Stages, located at 343 West 49th Street, is hosting a group show showing one of my storm photos (in fact the one you see to the left).

On May 24th, I will be leaving for Oklahoma City to connect up with Tempest Tours for another chase. Later in the month I will be meeting up with Joey Krastel, Aline Gjelaj, Nadia Elfarnawani and Rubin Marin and chasing for another couple of weeks on our own. We call ourselves the Nimbus Storms crew - named by student meteorologist and Foot Forecaster Joey Krastel.